The Centre for materials

The Centre for materials - Activities

  • Examination and research
  • Supervision
  • Projecting
  • Scientific research work and development
  • Preparation of studies, expert expertise and studies on the examination and research of a wide range of primary and secondary raw materials and finished products in the field of construction materials: stone, aggregate, construction ceramic products, concrete, concrete additives, cement, lime, mortars, wood, rubber , leather, plastics, thermal insulation and waterproofing materials.
  • Engineering and consulting in the field of environmental protection: preparation of studies, plans and programs for industrial waste management, waste characterization, consulting in the field of industrial waste management, technological development projects in the field of recycling technologies, application of EU directives in the field of environmental protection.

The Centre for materials conducts tests and researches on mechanical, chemical, physical, thermal and acoustic properties of raw materials and basic building materials, quality control of finished products and performance of constructions, building elements and complete buildings.

Associates of the Centre for materials actively participate in supervision during the execution of capital infrastructure projects, factories supervision and factory control of the production of a large number of products, commissions for the adoption and adoption of standards in the field of construction materials.

The test results are used as a basis for certification and determination of the quality of materials, products and performed works. The IMS Institute has been appointed as the body for assessment and verification of constancy of performance of construction products.
The experiences of professional and development work in the field of basic and applied research are used for the development of new and improvement of the characteristics of traditional materials, improvement of the technology of production of construction materials, construction works, technical regulations and standards related to construction.

A significant part of the research work is dedicated to the protection of the human environment and the use of secondary raw materials in the production of building materials.

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