The Centre for roads and geotechnique

The Centre for roads and geotechnique - Activities

  • Many years of leadership in the field of pile testing
  • Geological and geotechnical investigations and field tests for infrastructure facilities (roads, railways, bridges, industrial facilities, airports, residential and business complexes, etc.), as well as for the needs of developing landslide rehabilitation projects
  • Performing professional supervision during the construction, reconstruction and rehabilitation of infrastructure facilities (state roads, railways, bridges, dams, industrial facilities, airports, residential and business complexes, etc.)
  • Drafting and technical control of project documentation for various phases and levels of designing high-rise construction, civil engineering, traffic and hydraulic engineering, as well as for the needs of spatial planning and environmental protection, etc.o
  • Development of projects for rehabilitation and reconstruction of roads of all categories with accompanying facilities
  • Designing pavement structures using new asphalt mixtures and modern construction technologies.
  • Testing of traffic signals in the field and in the laboratories of the Institute.
  • Conducting field investigations/tests: :
    • exploration wells
    • static penetration tests (CPT and CPTU)
    • standard penetration tests (SPT)
    • tests with a dilatometer probe (DMT and SDMT)
    • soil water permeability tests using different field methods (VDP)
    • installation of piezometer constructions with monitoring of the underground water regime
    • preparation of studies, expertise, consulting services, complete consulting in the field of geotechnical engineering
  • Laboratory for roads and geotechnics performs testing of soil samples, stone aggregate and flour, bitumen and bitumen emulsions and asphalt mixtures.
  • As part of laboratory tests in the field, quality control of the installed material and performed works is carried out (previous, ongoing, control tests).

The professional staff of the centre consists of fifty-three graduates of technical sciences, of whom four are doctors and one is a master of technical sciences, and two are currently studying for a doctorate.

Employees of the Centre for roads and geotechnique are the authors of several inventions, and also the winners of numerous domestic and international awards and recognitions.

Piles testing
  • SLT method (Static load test) – test of pile static load capacity
  • DLT method (Dynamic load test) – examination of the pile’s mobilized bearing capacity
  • PDA method (Pile driving analysis) – analysis of the bearing capacity of piles during execution
  • PIT (SIT) method (Pile (Sonic) integrity testing) – examination of pile integrity and length
  • CSL – Crosshole Sonic Logging – examination of the integrity of the pile through cross-sections along the shaft of the pile
Geological – geotechnical research and field tests
Landslide rehabilitation
Professional supervision
Laboratory for roads and geotechnique
Department for road design
Examination of traffic signals
Organizational units:

Department of geotechnics and supervision


Department for control and field tests


Department for road design


Laboratory for roads and geotechnique