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The Centre for roads and geotechnique - References

Department for road design
Within the Department for road design, a large number of projects for the rehabilitation of state roads of the first and second order, as well as projects of pavement constructions with the application of new asphalt mixtures and modern construction technologies, were prepared. The projects are accompanied by geodetic surveying of the terrain, assessment of the condition of the existing pavement structure (measurement of longitudinal flatness – IRI index, pavement macrotexture, transverse flatness, slip resistance, bearing capacity of the pavement structure, recording of pavement damage with a digital camera), investigative works (research pits and sounding wells) and laboratory testing the quality of materials in the layers of the pavement structure and processing samples in the laboratory with the preparation of geotechnical studies.
The recent references:
  • The main project for the improvement of the state road IA order A1, Belgrade – Niš Section: Mali Požarevac – Ralja (right lane)
  • Projects of enhanced maintenance and rehabilitation of state road pavements
    • IA (A1: Belgrade – Niš, section: Vrčin – Mali Požarevac, right lane)
    • IIA (202: Karajukića Bunari – Tutin; 204: Pazarište – Rasno)
    • IB (35: Karbulovo – Trnjane; IB35: Kladovo – Niš; IB39: Babušnica-Pirot)
    • IIB (338: Sedlari – Varda; 337: Osečina–Pecka; 335: Šljivova–Pecka)
  • Preliminary and main projects of traffic roads C1, C2, C3, C4, C6 and parking lots on construction plots 7 and 8 on “Jabučki Ravnište” in Stara Planina
  • The project for the building permit for the PGD traffic road South Boulevard from Maksima Gorkog Street to Grčića Milenka St.
  • Technical control of the main project of the Belgrade Ring Road, Sector 4, interchanges “Petlovo Brdo” and “Orlovača”, Sector 3 of the Sava bridge area
  • Technical control of the project of the constructed facility of the first phase of the highway E-70/E-75 Belgrade Bypass, Sectors 1, 2 and 3
  • Technical control of the completion of the main project of the highway E-75 section: left lane “Kelebija – loop Subotica – south”
Current projects (creation of project-technical documentation):
  • Pavement rehabilitation of state road IIA 142, Valjevska Kamenica-Šabačka Kamenica section