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Examination of traffic signals

Testing of traffic signals at the IMS Institute has been carried out since 2001. Part of the testing and measurement is done in the field, and part in the laboratories of the IMS Institute.

New knowledge and experience are gained every day on roads where traffic signals are renewed (regular maintenance) and on new construction, as well as on test sections where changes in predefined parameters are monitored over time. Traffic engineers of the IMS Institute actively participate in the drafting of legislation in the field of traffic signaling in the Republic of Serbia. In an advisory capacity, with their experience and knowledge, they participated in the drafting of the Technical Instructions for the marking of pavement markings, which are applied on the national road network by the management of JP Roads of Serbia.

Trained personnel perform all measurements and tests with the most modern equipment and in accordance with accredited methods.

The measurements performed are:

  • Luminance Retroreflection Coefficient (Rl)
  • Coefficient of retroreflection gloss in wet conditions (Rw)
  • Luminance coefficient for diffused light (Qd)
  • Contrast of pavement markings (C)
  • Skid Resistance (SRT)
  • Thicknesses of thin-layer and thick-layer markings on the pavement
  • Consumption of material from control plates
  • Retroreflection of traffic sign foils (RA)
  • Brightness factor (β)
  • Chromatic color coordinates