IT-Library Department

IT/Library Department

IT sector

Informatics has a long tradition in the IMS Institute and includes the following fields:

As experts we are constantly improving our skills. We invest time in gaining broad knowledge in the field of informatics. With modern technology we maintain quality of work, which is particularly reflected on creating new projects.


The IMS Institute’s Library was founded in 1953 and since then it has been functioning as a special status library. It is open every day for all the Institute’s employees, as well as for external users.

Within its holdings the library has about 11700 books, 13 doctoral dissertations and 25 MA papers. Among serial publications the library possesses 32 domestic magazines and 83 foreign magazines. Also, the library possesses 3600 pieces of standards.

The library co-operates with the following central catalogues: YUBIN, The National Library of Serbia, the University Library “Svetozar Marković”.

Library operations are automated, and the application “Electronic catalog IMS” was developed independently, within the IT-Library sector of the IMS Institute.

Among other services, the library provides translation services and the organization of exhibitions, as well as services for the organization of exhibitions and presentations.