The Centre for structures and prestressing

The Centre for structures and prestressing - Activities

  • Preparation of design and technical documentation for the construction, rehabilitation or reconstruction of construction facilities and constructions
  • Consulting in the field of construction (inspections of buildings, assessment of the condition of structural elements and buildings, expertise, expert supervision, quality control)
  • Development and application of construction technology and prestressing systems
  • Production, delivery and service of prestressing equipment
  • Testing of the bearing capacity of geotechnical anchors and anchors and engineering services in the field of slope stabilization and landslides
  • Staff training for working with prestressing equipment and carrying out prestressing works (subsequent prestressing and adhesive prestressing)
  • Expertise and assessment of the condition of prestressed structures (force control in cables, condition of cables and anchors, degree of protection)
  • Special construction works using prestressing technology (renovation of structures, lifting of heavy loads)
  • Examination of construction structures and products of the construction and mechanical industry by test loading

The Centre for structures and prestressing includes activities thanks to which the IMS Institute has gained a great reputation in the country and abroad. Through work on a wide range of activities related to the construction or rehabilitation and reconstruction of various buildings and structures, especially through the application of technological solutions based on prestressing, the centre’s associates continue the rich tradition of the IMS Institute. Modern equipment and highly specialized staff enable the performance of prestressing works, the realization of tests in the laboratory and in the field, as well as design and development.

Almost all other organizational units of the IMS Institute actively participate in the work of the Centre for structures and prestressing on capital infrastructure facilities and in the restoration of architectural heritage, in order to ensure an integral multidisciplinary approach, which results in sustainable solutions.

Prestressing technologies

Following world trends in construction, the IMS Institute has developed modern technologies and a wide range of equipment and anchors for cables made of smooth wire (IMS system) and ropes (SPB and SPB SUPER systems), for forces from 12 to 7,700 kN. These systems are applied for subsequent and adhesive prestressing of concrete, prestressing of geotechnical anchors, inclined cables of bridges, assembly of structures, lifting of heavy loads and other special works. The mentioned technologies are based on the application of the Eurocode, accompanying European norms and standards, as well as on the recommendations of FIP/fib.

Modern systems and specialized highly skilled staff enabled the participation of the IMS Institute in the realization of the most important facilities in the country, as well as its presence in many countries of the world.


Drafting of project-technical documentation is one of the basic activities of the IMS Institute since its foundation. Our experts participated in the design of a large number of significant buildings – bridges, halls, residential areas, various engineering structures, business and public buildings.

Construction technology

The construction technology, developed at the IMS Institute, represents a modern system of prefabricated construction in a skeletal system, an original concept of connecting columns and ceilings using prestressing. IMS technology is characterized by exceptional technical performance, efficient organization and design using catalog elements of primary construction and secondary systems, small amount of concrete and steel, economy of production and fast assembly. Hundreds of thousands of apartments have been built in the country and around the world using IMS construction technology.

Determining the condition and rehabilitation of buildings and structures

An extremely important area of work of the Centre for structures and prestressing is the determination of the condition and the development of rehabilitation projects of various buildings and structures.

The application of prestressing in structural rehabilitation can represent a modern and flexible method of rehabilitation or be part of a complex solution of structural rehabilitation, through the combination of the application of traditional building materials, modern materials of contemporary construction and the application of prestressing technology.

Testing of structures

Within the Centre for structures and prestressing, there is an accredited Laboratory for testing of structures, which performs test load tests according to standard methods or at the request of the client.

Testing of building structures under static and dynamic loading is carried out in the field and in the laboratory, in order to determine the load-bearing capacity and durability of the structures, as well as the quality of the performed works. Research, design and development during the introduction into practice of new constructions and building systems is carried out in our own building testing hall, as well as on buildings or construction sites and in production facilities.

Laboratory services include testing of construction structures (bridges, buildings, halls, crane ways), testing of mechanical rock anchors by test load, testing of elements of the construction and engineering industry by test load (fastening anchors, concrete columns and masts, wooden columns, self-supporting insulation panels, covers manholes, carrying capacity of sound barriers, building supports, glass fences and others).