The Centre for structures and prestressing-References-Design

The Centre for structures and prestressing - References

Department of design, supervision and rehabilitation

A large number of bridge construction projects include: rehabilitation of the road bridge over the Ibar River in Kraljevo (3 x 60 m), rehabilitation of the bridge in Kirovljeva Street in Belgrade, projects of urban road bridges over the Grošnica and Bresnica rivers in Kragujevac, reconstruction of the Češka ćupria bridge on the Bezdan canal – Vrbas near Sombor, rehabilitation of the steel bridge over the Ibar river in Kraljevo on the M-5 road, the project of the Čuđak bridge over Lopatnica and the bridge over the Musina river in Kraljevo, rehabilitation of bridges on the E-75 highway over the T6 road, at KBC and at the Emergency Service in Belgrade .

Regular and extraordinary inspections were carried out for numerous bridge structures (among other things, all bridges in the territory of the City of Belgrade were inspected several times).

The assessment of the condition was carried out as part of the most significant reconstruction projects of buildings of protected architectural heritage: BIGZ, Hotel Bristol, Objects of the Belgrade Fair, Air Force Base in Zemun, Museum of the City of Belgrade, Buildings A and B of the General Staff.

In addition to the realized project of the revitalization of IMS construction technology in the Osijek Construction plant, within which several projects of residential and business complexes were carried out, inspections and expertise were carried out within the scope of rehabilitation and reconstruction projects of existing IMS structures.

Professional expertise during construction or reconstruction was performed for numerous existing and new facilities, such as Mind park in Kragujevac, Sakura park in Belgrade, Roaming Group in Juzni boulevard in Belgrade, building on Zeleno venac no. 18 in Belgrade and others.

Various consulting services were provided for a large number of special purpose facilities, such as the facilities of the Oil Refinery and Azotara in Pančevo, various facilities of the army and the RS Ministry of Interior, Hangar 2 JAT Tehnika, facilities of the Banknote and Coin Production Institute in Belgrade, waste selection center in Subotica, Veletržnica in Belgrade.

Expert supervision over the execution of works was carried out, among other things, on the construction of the bridge over the Sava River on the E-763 highway, on the construction of the Vrčin tollbooth on the E-75 highway, on the execution of specialist works on the water purification plant in Pančevo, on the reconstruction and rehabilitation of the facilities of the National Bank of Serbia in Belgrade, on the reconstruction, rehabilitation and adaptation of the facilities of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Serbia in Belgrade, on the reconstruction of the Češka ćuprija bridge on the Bezdan – Vrbas canal near Sombor, on the construction of several MHPs.