The Certification body-Activities

Certification body for certification of construction products

The IMS Institute is accredited by the Accreditation Body of Serbia as a certification body for the certification of construction products according to the SRPS ISO/IEC 17065:2016 standard, General requirements for bodies implementing product certification systems, accreditation number 04-003, for cement, in accordance with the requirements of the valid Rulebook on the quality of cement and steel for concrete reinforcement, in accordance with the requirements of the Regulation on technical and other requirements for steel for concrete reinforcement. In addition, based on the Decision of the Ministry of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure, the IMS Institute was appointed as a body for the implementation of conformity assessment, i.e. assessment and verification of the constancy of performance of the following construction products:
  • general purpose cement and special purpose cement
  • tiles and shaped pieces of clay and tiles and shaped pieces of concrete for covering roofs and lining walls
  • ceramic tiles
  • steel for concrete reinforcement
  • clay masonry elements, calcium silicate masonry elements and clay blocks for semi-prefabricated fine ribbed ceilings
  • chemical additives to concrete, shotcrete, mortar and grout for prestressing cables
  • fractionated aggregate for concrete and asphalt
  • elements of the piping system made of plastic materials for the supply of water intended for human use
  • portland-composite cements with reduced clinker content
In accordance with the above, the IMS Institute is registered under the unique registration number I 030 in the register of designated bodies for conformity assessment, which is maintained by the Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Serbia. The certification body for construction products of the IMS Institute has established cooperation with notified bodies (NB) from the European Union, so it is able to offer its clients the certification of construction products in accordance with the current regulations in the EU, which enables manufacturers of construction products in the Republic of Serbia to place the CE mark and export to the EU market.