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Department of prestressing

The application of prestressing systems SPB and SPB SUPER in the construction of significant infrastructure facilities includes bridge structures on the southern branch of Corridor X – highway E-75 (five bridge structures, 402 mounting brackets), bridge structures and overpasses on the eastern branch of Corridor X – highway E-80 (five bridges and 3 overpasses), overpasses and access bridge structures over the DTD canal during the construction of Boulevard Europe in Novi Sad (315 prefab girders), approach structures of the bridge over the Sava River near Ostružnica (Belgrade Ring Road), bridge over the Kolubara River near Obrenovac and the bridge over the railway (highway E-763), the roof structure of the Belgrade Arena (span 132.7 x 102.7 m), the Aval tower (height 204.57 m, AB structure 135.65 m, steel structure 69 .92 m).

Rehabilitation of buildings using SPB and SPB SUPER prestressing systems was carried out on the arched road bridge over the Tisza river near Titel (built using the IMS prestressing system), as well as on overpasses on highways and other state roads.

Prestressing technology was also applied to the construction of a special structure for the needs of static testing of piles on the Čortanovci viaduct, the overpass near Beška and in the Subotica area as part of the construction of the high-speed railway Belgrade – Subotica – Budapest.

Production and delivery of materials and equipment, calibration of equipment, training of personnel and control and supervision of the operation of plants for adhesive prestressing was carried out for a large number of plants for the production of concrete prefabricated elements in the territory of Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.