GREENCO-Education for green transformation

GREENCO-Education for GREEN transformation of COnstruction sector

Project name: Education for GREEN transformation of COnstruction sector

Acronim: GREENCO

Programme: Erasmus – Alliances for Education and Enterprises

Controlling agency: European Education and Culture Executive Agency – EACEA


Green transformation of built environment is only possible through education and mobilization of all skill and organizational levels within the construction workforce, from the engineering (vocational) level to the higher managerial (PhD) level. The main goal of the project is to implement a comprehensive set of cross-sectoral activities and tackle the mismatch between the current education curricula and market demand regarding digital and green skills in the construction sector in order to speed up its green transformation.

Main coordinator: University of Zagreb Faculty of Civil Engineering

Project partners:

  • Danmarks tekniske universitet (DTU)
  • CELF – Center for erhvervsrettede uddannelser lolland-falster (CELF)
  • Construction technical school (GTŠ)
  • Holcim innovation center sas (HIC)
  • SPEGRA za građenje, projektiranje i nadzor nad gradnjom, d.o.o. (SPEGRA)
  • Institut za ispitivanje materijala AD (IMS)
  • ODRAZ – Sustainable Community Development (ODRAZ)
  • Urbanex doo za građevinarstvo (URBANEX)
  • Arup international projects limited (AIPL)

Duration: 01.09.2023. – 31.08.2026.

Maximum grant amount: 1,040,020.00 €

Project is funded by the European Union through the programme Erasmus – Alliances for Education and Enterprises.

Project is based on the following activities:

  1. for the sensibilization of vocational level students about the importance of green building and sustainable development of construction sector, handbooks will be made as well as workshops on environmental reporting, training critical number of teaching professionals in vocational schools;
  2. for the in-depth education of master level students a new curricula “Green building” will be implemented, in addition to dedicated workshops and training in software use to perform quantitative environmental calculation;
  3. to enhance the innovation management skills and to increase the possibility for future green business creation in the sector for the PhD level students will be organized workshops, bootcamps and summer schools;
  4. to simulate the decision making within a company, a service-learning event will be held with all three educational levels participating and jointly working on a sustainable solution for a local challenge present in their immediate environment.

Through tailor-made activities, each targeted occupational/education level group will be trained for their active role as co-creators in green transformation of the construction sector, securely paving the way towards industrial climate neutrality by 2050., but also serving as a blueprint for possible future educational – entrepreneurial partnership, designed for answering societal and environmental challenges.