Scientific projects

Scientific Block - Projects

Programmes of the main researches
  • Research on phenomena and processes of making glass, glass-ceramic and ceramic materials for high technologies – 142041
  • Fine dispersion systems: micro-, nano-, ato-engineering – 142034
  • Synthesis and features of nanostructural, intermetal and composite materials – 142027
National programmes of energy efficiency in construction
  • Energy saving by improving the shell of the residential building – EE 250024
  • Small hydroelectric power plants with pipe turbines for production of electric energy and direct connection with pump stations – EE718-1020B
  • Application of European procedures for counting the necessary and defining the approved specific consumption of energy for heating new and existing housing buildings – EE – 283011B
  • Measured outer temperatures in the city cores – urban temperature of islands – EE-283010
Technological development based on an assigned topic
  • Elimination and use of sulphur obtained as a by-product during oil production – TD-7020B
  • Research, development and application of methods and procedures of testing, control and certification of construction products in concordance with the requirements of international standards and regulations – TD – 7024B
  • Revitalization of critical components in the thermoelectric plants based on the estimate of their integrity – TD – 7066B
Innovation programme
  • Concrete block of penoconcrete – IP06 820B