The Centre for metals and energetics-References

The Centre for metals and energetics - References

Recent references
The Centre’s references, professional and quality work of highly skilled and specialized staff, modern equipment and continuous development and acquisition of new testing techniques are recommendations for investors, contractors and consultants:
No. References Investor
Testing of materials and welded joints during the project “Evaporator replacement from height 4m to height 72.5m, DeNox burners with cages, channel reconstruction…Replacement of RA line steam pipeline – 220t block B”, Replacement of RL line pipeline suspension
JP EPS Beograd, Branch TE Nikola Tesla B, Obrenovac – Ušće
Control of technical documentation for acceptance and testing of mechanical equipment for rehabilitation of RHE BB
JP EPS Beograd, Branch Drinsko-Limske HE, RHE Bajina Bašta
Super control over the execution of works on the gas transmission pipeline (interconnector) border of Bulgaria – border of Hungary on the territory of the Republic of Serbia
BUREAU VERITAS d.o.o., Beograd
Factory acceptance of equipment by the institute for the manufacture and repair of parts of hydro aggregates in the factories of LMZ, Silovie Mashini, Russia
JP EPS Beograd, Branch HE Đerdap, HE Đerdap 1 Kladovo
Testing of turbine and hydromechanical equipment
JP EPS Beograd, Branch HE Đerdap, (HE Đerdap 1; HE Đerdap 2; HE Pirot, Vlasinske HE)
Testing of main steam lines RA, RB and RC, testing of overcurrent steam lines, testing of turbine equipment by non-destructive methods
JP EPS Beograd, Branch TE Nikola Tesla A, Obrenovac
Examination of the chemical composition and mechanical properties of the material
Mines with underground exploitation as part of JP EPS (Veilki Majdan lead and zinc mine, Senjski mine and Resavica mine); Surface mines in the composition of JP EPS Belgrade (Branch RB Kolubara, Branch TE KO Kostolac); various companies from the metal and machine industry, roads and construction)
Testing for Concrete Steel Certification
Factories in Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, North Macedonia, Albania, Italy, Greece, Romania and Turkey
Certification of personnel in the field of welding
Companies dealing with welding, production and maintenance of welded constructions
Calibration of devices for measuring mechanical quantities
Companies from the fields of: construction and road industry, manufacturing of metal and mechanical structures, faculties and institutes in the field of construction and mechanical engineering, tests with and without destructive methods