The Certification body-Assessment of conformity

Certification body for certification of construction products

Assessment of conformity

The IMS Institute is accredited by the Accreditation Body of Serbia as a certification body for performing product certification activities according to the standard SRPS ISO/ IEC 17065: 2016, General requirements for bodies implementing product certification systems, decision number 04-003, for the following products:


Steel for the reinforcement of concrete in the form:

  • bars, coils (rod, wire) and de-coiled products;
  • sheets of factory-made machine-welded fabric;
  • lattice girders

General information on the procedure for conducting conformity assessment is presented in document ST 02, Rules of the IMS Institute for Product Certification.


Submiting of an application

The application for conformity assessment is submitted on the official form of the certification body (STZ 16i Request for Certification of Cement), whereby the client confirms that he agrees with the terms of certification. Along with the application for certification, the client is obliged to submit all documents, which, depending on the technical specification, require a certification body.


Assignment of the mark of conformity

The certification body of the IMS Institute informs the client about the obligation to affix the conformity mark to the product (or in another appropriate way) and submits the conformity mark logo. The use of certificates and marks of conformity is defined in document STU 04, Rules for the use of certificates and marks of conformity.

Responding to complaints / claims

Clients have the right to file a complaint and/or claims in all cases when they believe that they are damaged in the process of product certification, conducted by the IMS Institute. The IMS Institute will approach complaints/claims in an appropriate manner and in accordance with the document, STP 04, Complaints and Appeals Procedure.